5 things to know Monday

Biden meets with G-7 leaders in Germany

President Joe Biden is in Germany for the annual Group of Seven summit, an annual economic meeting between leaders from the US, France, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan. The leaders in attendance will spend the second day of the summit talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden will try to talk European nations into ceasing all imports of Russian oil and gas. World leaders are also expected to discuss capping the price of oil and gas imports to help fight inflation and further cut into Putin’s financial resources. In 2014, G-7 nations banished Russia from their gathering over its first invasion of eastern Ukraine. Now, with Putin’s army pummeling the country, world leaders are rushing to stop him. China is also on the agenda, with G-7 leaders announcing a global infrastructure partnership that positions them to act as alternative lenders to developing nations that might otherwise accept investment dollars from China.

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