Canada’s Military, Where Sexual Misconduct Went to the Top, Looks for a New Path

OTTAWA – Several of Canada’s top military officers have been accused of sexual harassment, and the former top commander pleaded guilty this year to criminal charges related to accusations that he committed sexual misconduct when leading the nation’s armed forces. About a quarter of the women serving in the Canadian military said they had been … Read more

Report: Israel directly warns 100 of its citizens to leave Turkey due to Iran threat

Israeli security officials called and directly warned more than 100 Israeli citizens in Turkey that they are in Iran’s crosshairs, and asked them to return, according to a television report Monday. Earlier in the day, Israel’s National Security Council issued a public travel warning for Turkey, saying there was a concrete threat to Israelis by … Read more

‘No words’ – How Ferrari threw away victory at the Monaco Grand Prix

MONTE CARLO, Monaco – Charles Leclerc knew what an opportunity Ferrari had let slip through his fingers on Sunday. “No words,” he said on his radio after the race. “The season is long, but we can’t do that.” There must have been a lot going through Leclerc’s mind. Just an hour or so earlier, he … Read more

Russians, Ukrainians fight block by block in eastern city

KRAMATORSK, Ukraine (AP) – Russian troops pushed deeper into a key eastern Ukrainian city, fighting street by street with Kyiv’s forces Monday in a battle that the mayor said has left Sievierodonetsk in ruins and driven tens of thousands of people from their homes. Military analysts described the fight for Sievierodonetsk as part of a … Read more

Latest Russia-Ukraine News – The New York Times

BRUSSELS – With Ukraine defending European values ​​and security against a blatant Russian invasion, what obligation does the European Union and NATO have toward Ukraine? The moral answer may be obvious, as European and American governments vow support for Kyiv and are pouring money and arms into Ukraine. But the practical answers are complicated, and … Read more