How the Angels, Mike Trout slipped off path to playoffs

The Los Angeles Angels have been playing their best baseball since 2015. Blessed by the talents of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, but cursed to never showcase them in October, the Angels have spent years desperately grasping for enough supporting talent to get over the hump and make the playoffs. This spring, it finally looked … Read more

A New Threat in Iraq to Peace in the Middle East

The gains the US has made toward peace between Israel and its neighbors are in danger. The Abraham Accords, established in 2020, have created economic and diplomatic benefits for the four countries that agreed to normalize relations with the Jewish state. But an opposing coalition has effectively formed out of states, political parties and militias … Read more

Rodolfo Hernández, the Trump-like TikTok star who could be Colombia’s next president

Placeholder while article actions load BUCARAMANGA, Colombia – The foul-mouthed former mayor was known for insulting his employees, calling them fat, lazy and stupid. He was once suspended for slapping a city councilman in the face, was charged with giving out improper contracts and was recorded saying he was a follower of “a great German … Read more