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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling joined forces for a blockbuster, inter-promotional pay-per-view Sunday night in Chicago, headlined by the crowning of a new AEW interim world champion in Jon Moxley and the debut of Claudio Castagnoli.

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    #ZSJ ‘s opponent is none other than Claudio Castagnoli @ClaudioCSRO , the newest member of the # BlackpoolCombatClub , here at #ForbiddenDoor ! Order the PPV right now! #AEWxNJPW

    Forbidden Door also featured the latest in FTR’s momentous run as the undisputed best tag team in professional wrestling, the crowning of PAC as the All-Atlantic champion, and another unlikely show-stealing performance from Orange Cassidy.

    Dive deeper into those topics with this recap of Sunday’s PPV.

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    If the enormous ovation that welcomed FTR into the United Center was not proof enough, the reaction to Cash Wheeler valiantly defending their Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships against United Empire’s IWGP tag titles and the challenge of Roppongi Vice’s Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero certainly was.

    Dax Harwood prevented a fall long enough for his partner to re-emerge from the locker room following a shoulder injury and join him in victory as FTR further established themselves as the best tag team in professional wrestling.

    They are not immensely popular because of some kind of gimmick or because they have flashy moves or silly catchphrases. They are popular because, when the bell rings, no other team can match their consistent excellence between the ropes.

    We saw that again Sunday night when Wheeler and Harwood, Beretta and Romero, Jeff Cobb and Great O-Khan delivered a dramatic, physical match that had fans thinking for a moment that FTR may drop the ROH tag titles. They instead added the IWGP belts to a resume that includes six other championships across multiple promotions.

    That summary, coupled with the aforementioned excellence from bell to bell and the raw emotion they exude over the course of their matches, supports all claims that FTR are best in the world.

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    There are some who will call Orange Cassidy a comedic act. They would be right.

    To stop the discussion there does a disservice to the performer he is, though.

    Cassidy is more than a laugh factory. Beyond his ability to generate a pop for putting his hands in his pockets or mockingly kicking the shins of his opponents is a wrestler whose timing is outstanding and whose ability to hang with the top in-ring workers of today is criminally underrated.

    We have witnessed it numerous times, most notably against PAC, Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. On numerous occasions, he has given the fans what they expected in the form of his theatrics, only to then turn on the jets and prove he is every bit as capable of matching world-class performers. That was on display again Sunday when he frustrated Will Ospreay early with his antics and then nearly beat him on numerous occasions.

    Ultimately, he succumbed to the IWGP United States champion’s Stormbreaker, but not before being one-half of another show-stealer.

    It was another instance of a vastly undervalued guy sneakily having one of the best matches on the card with one of the industry’s most celebrated in-ring performers.

    There will be some for whom no extraordinary performance against any world-renowned competitor will do. They will always see Cassidy as a joke.

    For everyone else, Freshly Squeezed represents a near-perfect combination of showmanship and timing that has helped establish him both as a wildly popular outcast and an adaptable asset in AEW.

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    Jon Moxley is the new AEW interim world champion following a victory over Hiroshi Tanahashi in the main event of Forbidden Door, and Claudio Castagnoli has finally arrived in the company as Bryan Danielson’s hand-picked replacement against Zack Saber Jr.

    The much-expected title win and the eagerly anticipated arrival of the formerly known Cesaro made headlines Sunday night and also established Blackpool Combat Club as the No. 1 faction in the company.

    That is saying something given the presence of The Elite, The Jericho Appreciation Society, Death Triangle, The House of Black and The Undisputed Elite. But none of those groups made the impact William Regal’s collection of ass-kickers have in such a short order.

    From the introduction of Moxley and Danielson as the founding members to the elevation of young Wheeler Yuta and now the arrival of Castagnoli, the faction has somehow managed to add to it without watering things down or lessening the impact of its members.

    Of the four competitors, three are world title-worthy. Yuta is one of the faces of the company’s future and Regal is as good a manager / mouthpiece as there is in wrestling. Together, they form an imposing and dominant faction that will be nearly impossible for the competition to overcome.

    We witnessed it in the closing moments of Sunday’s PPV, where Moxley, Castagnoli, Yuta and fellow babyfaces Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz cleared the JAS from the squared circle. We will likely see it again Wednesday, when the faction battles Jericho and his merry band of heels in Blood & Guts.

    All Elite Wrestling @AEW

    . @ClaudioCSRO showing the # JerichoAppreciationSociety what they’re in for this Wednesday at #BloodAndGuts in Detroit next Wednesday! it’s not too late to order the #ForbiddenDoor PPV!

    If they can continue to maintain this momentum, there is no reason why BCC cannot dominate AEW, both as babyfaces and heels if need be, while bringing a ferocity and physicality to the show that few others can replicate.

    The crowd’s embrace of Castagnoli and the reception to Moxley’s title win suggest the group’s popularity is only going to go up from here. That is a good thing for all involved and, most notably, AEW, which now has a faction it can build around that does not involve Jericho, The Young Bucks or Kenny Omega.

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