‘Blockbuster’ on Netflix puts chain’s last store somewhere in Michigan

In real life, the last Blockbuster Video store, the only one to survive in the age of streaming, is in Bend, Oregon.

But in sitcom land, that retro technology honor goes to Michigan.

“Blockbuster,” which arrives Thursday on Netflix, is a new half-hour comedy starring Randall Park (ABC’s “Fresh off the Boat”) as stressed-to-the-max Timmy, who finds out the Blockbuster franchise that he runs is about to become the last one anywhere.

This leaves Timmy desperate to figure out how to keep the store financially afloat without the corporation to help cover expenses.

Randall Park as Timmy in the debut episode of the new Netflix comedy

Timmy’s eclectic staff is played by Melissa Fumero (NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) as his longtime crush Eliza, Olga Merediz (“In the Heights” on Broadway and in the film version) as the maternal Connie, Tyler Alvarez as aspiring filmmaker Carlos , Madeleine Arthur as gentle and naive Hannah and Kamaia Fairburn as Kayla, the daughter of Timmy’s best friend.

JB Smoove (HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) portrays Kayla’s dad, Percy, who owns the strip mall that’s home to the Blockbuster and also runs the nearby party-supply store.

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