Dakota Johnson debuts blonde hair transformation in first look at new movie Daddio

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Dakota Johnson has been recognizable by her long brunette hair for the majority of her career.

Now, for the filming of her new film Dad, the actress has taken the plunge and debuted a short, platinum-dyed cut. And it suits her.

Dad will also star Sean Penn, and Johnson will take the reins behind the scenes, too, producing the project through her TeaTime Pictures banner.

dakota johnson filming daddy


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In a behind-the-scenes sneak peek image of the film, Johnson is seen standing outside a New York townhouse in the evening, wrapped up warm and smiling next to her luggage.

However, from what we know of the plot so far, it won’t be all smiles and laughter.

Dad is expected to premiere at Cannes, and follows the story of a young woman (Johnson) who jumps into the backseat of a yellow taxi after landing in New York City.

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The synopsis follows: “The cabbie, Clark, throws the vehicle into drive and the two head out into the night, striking up the most unexpected conversation.

“What begins as amusing chit-chat quickly takes a turn towards mysterious and playful, then grows into viscerally honest revelations about relationships, sex and power dynamics, loss and vulnerability.”

From this description, it sounds as though most of the action will take place in the cab, relying on the emotional acting skills of Johnson and Penn to drive (pun intended) the plot along through dialogue.

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Dad will explore the “complexities of human connection”, putting the two starring characters at the very center of the film’s journey as they get to know each other – and we get to know them – in intricate, shocking ways.

Initially, Star WarsDaisy Ridley was tied to the project as early as 2017, but was replaced by Johnson last year. Meanwhile, Ridley has secured a starring and producing role in an upcoming indie drama.

With experience in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, as well as the incredibly tense He sighedthere’s no doubt that Johnson will be prepared to tackle the intimate discussions that may arise in that New York taxi.

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