Dead & Company Fits Tour Debuts Into Noblesville Concert

D&C delivered “Loose Lucy,” “Row Jimmy” and “The Weight” for the first time in 2022.

By Nate Todd Jun 29, 2022 10:56 am PDT

Dead & Company continued their 2022 summer tour at Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana on Tuesday. The band had a trio of tour debuts in store for the venue formerly known as Deer Creek.

Guitarist Bob Weir began the concert with a bluesy riff on his Fender Stratocaster before Mayer steered the tune into a more psychedelic feel as Rhythm Devils Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart provided a framework on which keyboardist Jeff Chimenti draped some Hammond organ as Oteil Burbridge plucked out a bass line ahead of the big drop into a tuxedo “Viola Lee Blues.”

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Next came the tour debut of the favorite “Loose Lucy.” Bobby led the band through the From The Mars Hotel cut which was last played on September 11, 2021 and counted as the biggest bust out of the evening. D&C kept the tour debuts coming with Mayer on lead vocals for “Row Jimmy.” The Grateful Dead classic “Friend Of The Devil” followed. The tune clipped along as Billy and Mickey shuffled the beat with Weir and Mayer swapping verses and singing in harmony on the chorus.

John then helmed “They Love Each Other” before Bobby took the reins on the latter-day Dead number “Foolish Heart.” Just the second time played by D&C, the band debuted the song during night two at Folsom Field in Colorado. The uplifting number took a psychedelic turn as the sextet jammed their way into “The Other One,” which saw Mayer flying around the fretboard and Oteil on a roiling bassline as Kreutzmann and Hart drove the syncopated beat before Bobby sang the first verse. After some more fretboard fireworks from John, he laid on a Chuck Berry riff and swerved into the traditional “Don’t Ease Me In” to bring the first set to a close.

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The Skinny

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The Setlist

The Venue

Ruoff Music Center [See upcoming shows]


4 shows
6/17/2016, 6/06/2018, 6/12/2019, 9/15/2021

The Music

8 songs

8 songs

16 songs

11 originals / 5 covers


8.18 [Gap chart]


Loose Lucy, Row Jimmy, The Weight

Loose Lucy LTP 11/09/2021 (27)

Viola Lee Blues 16:33

Saint of Circumstance 3:51

The Grateful Dead – 1, Anthem of the Sun – 1, American Beauty – 1, Wake of the Flood – 1, From the Mars Hotel – 1, Terrapin Station – 1, Go To Heaven – 3, Built to Last – 3

The second frame saw drummer Jay Lane taking Kreutzmann’s place behind the kit for the entirety of the set. Jay has been filling in for Billy here and there since the latter pulled a muscle at Folsom. The music got underway with Bobby presiding over the classic pairing of “Lost Sailor” and “Saint Of Circumstance.”

From its mystical opening strains, “Lost Sailor” is one of those great examples of capturing the theme of a song perfectly with music, as if standing on the prow of a ship peering through the mist helped along by John Barlow’s stellar lyrics. The more rocking “Saint Of Circumstance” is a great foil to the vibey “Sailor,” but the songs weren’t always paired together by the Grateful Dead with “Saint” emerging as a standalone song in the early mid-1980s.

“He’s Gone” fell in the third slot. Mayer and Weir traded verses once again and John delivered a tasty melodic solo on the beloved but certainly poignant tune. The sextet slipped into the “nothing’s gonna bring him back” section which led into a bluesy romp before a return to the refrain. D&C then eased into the epic “Terrapin Station.” Mayer sang lead on the “Lady With A Fan” segment while Bobby helmed the “Terrapin” section.

“Drums” emerged from “Terrapin” which saw Billy joining Mickey and honorary Rhythm Devil Jay Lane as the Grateful Dead founding drummer did in Chicago. A trancey “Drums” would ensue, capped off by Mickey manning The Beam to launch “Space” before the rest of the band joined back into to finish it off. A tight “All Along The Watchtower” roared out of “Space.” Bobby led the band through the Bob Dylan song and Mayer provided some spicy licks on the tune before the band headed back into “The Other One” to finish it up.

The rousing post- “Drums” / Space ”segment cooled down with the ballad favorite“ Standing On The Moon ”although Mayer ramped things back up with a wailing solo. Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “Turn On Your Lovelight” brought the second set to a close. D&C returned to offer the final tour debut of the evening, The Band’s classic sing-along “The Weight.” Dead & Company heads to Pine Knob Music Theater in Clarkson, Michigan tonight. Livestreams are available via

Watch pro-shot previews of the set openers below:


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