It’s still unforgettable to this day

I have terrible international luck. In 2016, I was in Punta Cuna with some friends and of course the divisional round game was on. Some Vikings fan was chirping the whole game. Finally, my redemption came but it went much, much faster. And that is the time I was almost exiled from a resort in the DR. Also, during my honeymoon in Jamaica 10 years ago this September, I watched the first three quarters on a beach with a blowup screen only to wake up to the biggest FAIL in professional sports history, at least that was regular season.

Strangest setting I watched a Packers game was in college. I was in my corner apartment, and it was a night game vs. the Seahawks. I walked into my room and noticed I could see a neighboring apartment had the game on and it was late in the fourth quarter, so I watched through my blinds (and theirs) and witnessed the Fail Mary catch, then I was glad nobody was around .

Jan. 27 1997, Super Bowl XXXI. I watched this game at the Tokyo American Club. While the game was played on the Jan. 26, in New Orleans, we’re living in Japan, so it was a calendar date later. I proudly wore my cheese head to the early morning game watch and back home on the Tokyo subway. Even watched the evening replay at an American bar wearing the cheese head on the train that evening. Unforgettable!

In the barracks at Zweibrucken Air Base, Germany. This was during the Forrest Gregg Era and the Packers played the Cowboys under Tom Landry. When the game started, we all crammed into the day room to watch the game live. A couple other guys and I were rooting for the Pack. Well things didn’t go very well and by halftime I was the only Packers fan. They tried all game to get me to switch sides, but I didn’t! Appreciate what we have everyone!

The most unique place I watched a Packer game was my first trip to Lambeau in 2003 with my dad. I was a star struck 7-year-old seeing a preseason game against the Titans when a thunderstorm stopped the game in the 1st quarter. When the game started up again at 11 pm, we somehow made it up to the indoor fourth-floor box seats instead of our outdoor bowl seats. Years later, I head when Brett Favre found out about the weather delay, he got on a jet back to Mississippi and was home before play resumed. (Editor’s note: I was at that game, too. We stayed until the bitter, bitter end).

Stephen from Winchester, VA

Deployed on a US Navy guided missile cruiser in the Persian Gulf in the middle of the night after my watch was over while we kept losing signal because of maneuvering and the ship rocking from waves.

I watched Super Bowl XLV from an Aircraft Carrier conducting a major exercise off the East Coast. One of my cohorts was a huge Steelers fan and we watched it together wearing our respective jerseys. The best part (besides the Packers’ victory) was that another one of my other cohorts was a huge Bears fan. We had made a bet during the NFCCG that the loser would wear a winner’s jersey during the SB, so he had a good ol ‘No. 12 on. It was even better than watching SB XXXI from Japan.

Easy. The Packers ’NFC Divisional playoff game against the Cowboys in 2017. My daughter was born the day before the game, so we were still in the hospital. The whole day was a blur, including the game. We were new parents and were trying to figure out what our new life was going to look like, also surrounded by my wife’s parents and brother (huge Cowboys fan) who were visiting. I also got maybe two hours of sleep and just found out our daughter broke her collarbone during birth. I did see the throw, though!

In 2019, I was traveling for work on a Sunday in remote northern Norway. My housing had no Wi-Fi, and my included mobile data couldn’t carry me through the Packers-Cowboys game starting 1025 pm local time. My phone was luckily still connected to the Wi-Fi in the office where I had worked previously, but I didn’t have the keys yet. The solution for watching the game was thus to park as close to the office as possible and cheer for the Pack alone in my car in the snowy parking lot through the night!

Marcus from San Francisco, CA

I watched the Packers vs. Vikings 2004 Wild Card game (the Randy Moss moon game) outside on the deck of my fourth-floor apartment in Yamagata, Japan. It was snowing, so I attempted to recreate the Lambeau Field atmosphere. Disappointing result, but a memorable experience.

I was deployed to Iraq in 2010-11 and watched our Super Bowl win over the Steelers in a large MWR tent at Ali AL Saleem Airbase in Kuwait. I had a TV in my room in Iraq but had to fly on a C-130 from Tallil to Forward Operating Base Garry Owen with a stopover in Kuwait. Halfway around the world I was still surrounded by Packers fans! GPG.

I remember watching the Packers playoff run from Balad Air Base, Iraq, culminating with me coming in to work on the night shift to be able to watch the Super Bowl on a big screen. I used to think being there saved me from blowing a ton of coin and sparing no expense to get to that game. Fast forward to the present, and I’m sparing no expense to see the Pack in London to celebrate my 50th. Hope to see you there! (Editor’s note: A special thanks to Bill and all our military veterans who submitted their stories. Thank you for your service).

Jim from St. Pete Beach, FL

More the experience, than the setting. The NFC Wild Card Vs. Eagles in January 2011, surrounded by rabid Eagles fans the entire game, fearing for my life to the point of high-fiving people when the Eagles scored. When Tramon intercepted Michael Vick to seal the game, I couldn’t help screaming “Yes !!” at the top of my lungs. A fan three rows down turned around and yelled “Who said YES?” He was READY to draw blood. I looked around ignorantly. Escaped alive and happy with a W.

Wayne from Lake Hallie, WI

I was in Mountain View, CA, for business back in 1997 and found a Packers Bar in San Jose to watch the Packers play the Broncos. Being that far away from home, I had no idea what to expect but was amazed to see it full of other Packer fans well before game time. The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was so nice. It was like watching a game with 100 of your closest friends. Some drove five hours. Memories make us rich!

Last year vs. Arizona. It’s the time of year I go on an annual hunting / camping trip with my dad and because of the pandemic we called the previous year off. We decided to go in 2021. The first night it rained and couldn’t sit by the fire, so we stayed in the camper and played cribbage while listening to the game. Before the interception I said, “Either they catch, and we lose, or they don’t, and it goes to overtime with a kick.” I was wrong and I’ll never forget that night. Memories make us rich.

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