Meghan Markle’s half-siblings Thomas Jr. and Samantha hit back at ‘hurtful’ Netflix series

The Markles have royally had it.

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-siblings excoriated the first three episodes of their sister’s bombshell Netflix docuseries, branding the content “horrible” and “hurtful.”

Speaking to TalkTV in the wake of the episodes’ release on Thursday, Thomas Markle Jr. called “Harry & Meghan” “a little bit disturbing.”

Markle Jr. took issue with a comment Prince Harry, 38, made about his wife’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle Sr.

In episode three of the series, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex discuss the family drama in the lead-up to their wedding at Windsor Castle in May 2018. In the days before the lavish ceremony, a series of press scandals and a medical emergency led to the final breakdown of Markle’s relationship with her father.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha Markle spoke out in the wake of the “Harry & Meghan” premiere.
thomas markle jr
Markle Jr. charged the documentary “is so far off on so many different levels.”

“If Meg wasn’t with me, then her dad would still be her dad,” Harry lamented.

“She had a father before this, and now she doesn’t have a father. And I shouldered that.”

Markle Jr. said Harry’s comment was “horrible.”

“The documentary is so far off on so many different levels,” he said.

Prince Harry admitted to blaming himself for the breakdown of Meghan's relationship with her father.
Prince Harry admitted to blaming himself for the breakdown of Meghan’s relationship with her father.

“Saying that she doesn’t have a family and she doesn’t have a father, and Harry saying that she has no father now, that’s just ridiculous.”

Markle Jr. said the content of “Harry and Meghan” prompted him to reach out to his own production team, which is currently working on a counter-narrative.

“She just basically brushed the entire family under the carpet like we don’t exist, and then lied about not having a family, and lied about she doesn’t have a family that she’s always wanted,” he said.

“We’ve always been here. The documentary is way off. That’s what’s actually prompted me to work with my own production team and come out in like 2023 our side of a documentary that’s going to shed a lot of light that needs to be shed… it’s going to tell a whole different story,” he continued.

“I think the general public in the UK and America knows that now the Markles aren’t bad people, we’re just like a normal family like everybody else. We do exist, and when one person tells lies, this is what happens — you end up looking ridiculous.”

Markle Jr. was especially miffed by the portrayal of the couple’s fairytale wedding, and took his younger half-sister to task for not including the family.

Thomas Markle Sr.  suffered a heart attack days before his daughter's royal wedding.
Thomas Markle Sr. suffered a heart attack days before his daughter’s royal wedding.

“I mean who doesn’t invite their family to a wedding, especially a royal wedding?” he said. “And it’s not like anybody in my family asked her for one nickel or anything else, we were all happy for her when this happened.

“But the turn of events showed the true colors of this woman. My general overview is I can’t believe that she was able to be in this position, all by my father’s doing by the way, to be in that position and to know what you’re getting yourself into and then go in there and try and change a 1,000-year-old traditional monarchy to your own liking. Who does that?” he continued.

“Everything every woman could ever dream of in their life, you had and you had to go and make waves and accusations and be difficult and overall taking Harry away from his family.”

Meghan discusses her complex family life in the first three episodes of the series.
Meghan discusses her complex family life in the first three episodes of the series.

Markle’s half-sister Samantha also blasted the series, telling GB News that she hopes Markle Sr., 78, does not watch it.

“He’s been through so much — two heart attacks and a stroke — and she enabled this, watched it, did nothing about it, and for Harry to say something like that is egregious,” she said.

Samantha also dismissed Meghan’s claims that she was advised not to invite Samantha’s estranged daughter, Ashleigh Hale — whom she described as being “like a sister” — to her wedding because of the fraught ties within the family.

The Markles were famously not present at Prince Harry and Meghan's May 2018 wedding.
The Markles were famously not present at Prince Harry and Meghan’s May 2018 wedding.
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“Ashleigh was lied to and my sister in fact was the one reportedly who told Ashleigh she couldn’t go to the wedding,” Samantha insisted, saying that the decision not to invite Hale was made by Meghan herself.

“So I felt like she was manipulating my daughter, and that’s really sad because my daughter seemingly was holding a grudge and feeling like I was the reason she couldn’t come to the wedding.”

In her appearance in the docuseries, Hale said she was “hurt on some level” by not being invited, but “understood where it was coming from.”

Samantha Markle has long criticized her estranged half-sister.
Samantha Markle has long criticized her estranged half-sister.

“To know that it was because of my biological mother that this relationship, that’s so important to me, was impacted in that way. I feel like because of her, it was taken away. It’s been hard,” she continued.

In a separate interview with Australia’s Channel Seven’s “Sunrise,” Samantha also took issue with Harry comparing Meghan to his late mother, Princess Diana.

“Diana was never noted as destroying other people, ignoring people through heart attacks, strokes, pandemics,” she told the network.

Harry and Meghan pictured together in 2020.
Harry and Meghan in 2020.

“Why didn’t they get on a plane and go to my father in the hospital?” she asked, referring to Markle Sr.’s heart attack in the days before the wedding. “No, the paparazzi wouldn’t have hounded them, that’s a cheesy excuse. They were never there, they didn’t want to be there.”


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