Belgium’s King Philippe offers ‘regrets’ but no apology for colonialism in Congo

Placeholder while article actions load King Philippe of Belgium expressed his “deepest regrets” for abuses committed during the country’s colonization of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday, but he did not offer a formal apology. The king made the remarks during his first visit to the central African country since he took the throne … Read more

Biden watches as Latin American leaders criticize his decision to exclude some nations from Summit of the Americas

Belize’s prime minister, John Briceño, said on the stage of a summit plenary Thursday afternoon, “The future of the Western Hemisphere is a question for all of the countries of this hemisphere. Irrespective of our size, our GDP, our system of governance – – we all have a shared interest in a sustainable, resilient and … Read more

Staircase: Michael Peterson Blasts HBO Series & Documentary Director

Antonio Campos’ depiction of documentary filmmakers Jean-Xavier de Lestrade and Sophie Brunet in HBO Max’s “The Staircase” has led to a public dispute over their portrayal in the miniseries adaptation. But now, the real-life main subject of both series – Michael Peterson – is speaking out in an exclusive series of emails to Variety. Peterson’s … Read more

Halsey facing lawsuit from ex-nanny who said she was fired after missing time due to medical issues

Halsey in NYC as they’re facing lawsuit from former nanny who said she was fired after missing time due to medical issues and asking for overtime payment Singer’s ex-nanny Ashley Funches has sued them, accusing them of disability discrimination and retaliation Funches said in court docs she was fired this past March after she had … Read more

Separatist court gives death sentences to Britons, Moroccan who fought for Ukraine

Placeholder while article actions load LONDON – The British government on Thursday said it was “deeply concerned” following Russian news reports that death sentences had been handed out to two British fighters and a Moroccan man – the first foreign fighters to be sentenced since the start of the Ukraine war. Aiden Aslin and Shaun … Read more

US warns Iran’s recent actions could lead to ‘deepening nuclear crisis’

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said earlier Thursday that Iran will “basically” remove all cameras installed under the 2015 nuclear deal, after the country was censured earlier this week by the IAEA’s Board of Governors for not fully cooperating with the nuclear watchdog. In a statement, Blinken accused Iran of threatening “further … Read more

More Than Fjords: A New Museum to Put Oslo on the Map

OSLO – For decades, Oslo lived in the shadow of Scandinavia’s two other capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The Norwegian city, alongside a picturesque fjord dotted with rugged islands, has often been derided as sleepy and overpriced, or as a mere stopping-off point for tourists heading into the Norwegian mountains or boarding a cruise along the … Read more