Serena Williams vs Harmony Tan LIVE: Wimbledon 2022 tennis updates today

Wimbledon 2022: Emma Raducanu wins Center Court debut as Andy Murray starts with victory

Follow all the action as Wimbledon continues with Rafael Nadal, Iga Swiatek and Serena Williams all in action on day two.

Nadal marked his return to Wimbledon for the first time since 2019 with a victory over Francisco Cerundolo, but it was far from straightforward for the 22-time grand slam champion. Nadal was cruising towards a comfortable win before Cerundolo clawed his way back into it by taking the third set. Nadal was staring down the barrel of being dragged into a decider, but he broke back in the fourth before quickly sealing a 6-4 6-3 3-6 6-4 win in over three and a half hours.

It came after he favorite in the women’s singles, World No 1 Swiatek, opened up her championships on Center Court with a straight-sets victory over Jana Fett. There is more Wimbledon royalty in action on day two with Williams making her long-awaited return. The seven-time Wimbledon champion is back in singles action after cruelly being forced to retire from her first round match at SW19 last year and the 40-year-old, third up on Center Court, looks to ignite her comeback from a hamstring injury when she takes on Harmony Tan. Follow all the action from day two live, including the latest results, reaction and analysis from the All England Club


* Serena Williams 5-7 Harmony Tan – Tan takes the opening set

Just to add to the drama, the roof is now closing. There will be a delay of around 10 minutes while it shuts down.

Jamie Braidwood28 June 2022 20:24


* Serena Williams 5-7 Harmony Tan – Tan takes the opening set

Williams goes on the attack with Tan now serving for the opening set.

Tan can’t keep a lob in play before Williams bellows after landing a crosscourt forehand winner.

0-30, a chance, but Williams can’t repeat the trick as she pulls the forehand wide.

15-30, and that’s wild again from Serena as this pushes the inside-out forehand wide.

Tan blinks on 30-30! She had control of the point after pinning Williams into the corner, but the drop shot finds the net!

Break point, but Williams errors on a Tan first serve.

Huge deuce is now coming up, but there’s an error from Willaism as she nets on the backhand. Williams tries to close the net on set point but Tan responds superbly with a brilliant forehand winner.

She takes the opening set. Wow, there were quite a few changes of momentum there and Williams has it all to do now.

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Jamie Braidwood28 June 2022 20:21


Serena Williams 5-6 Harmony Tan * – Tan breaks

Williams fires herself up after sending a backhand winner down the line, before a drop shot is pulled wide from the American.

She faces 15-30, and is unable to do enough with the pick-up volley, before the forehand goes long.

Two break points, and that’s fantastic from Tan! It’s like the Frenchwoman is a brick wall, answering Williams ’hitting shot for shot. She works here way into the point before finishing the rally with a forehand winner!

Jamie Braidwood28 June 2022 20:16


* Serena Williams 5-5 Harmony Tan

Tan is now serving to stay in this set but puts away a nice forehand volley from mid-court to move to 30-0.

Williams thunders a second-serve return straight down the line for a clean winner.

Tan then judges a lovely backspin drop shot that Williams is unable to nudge back into play.

40-15, and a slice from Tan drifts long.

Now a second chance, and this time the drop shot is even better. Lovely touch from Tan.

Jamie Braidwood28 June 2022 20:07


Serena Williams * 5-4 Harmony Tan

Serena with a lot of support here, as you can imagine, she rebounds nicely here with some powerful strokes.

Then to the net, a backhand puts away that point, it’s 40-0. She enjoyed that one especially.

Now an epic rally, Tan so tough and sticks in it, but eventually nets, Serena holds.

Serena Williams of the US celebrates

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Serena Williams of the US celebrates


Jack Rathborn28 June 2022 20:05


Serena Williams 4-4 * Harmony Tan

Tan with a quick point as Serena goes long on the return. 15-0.

Serena now into the net, followed by a cross court backhand that is wide. 40-0.

A rocket of a backhand return there from Serena. 40-15.

Serena dominates the point, but Tan is tough, she stays in it and then pulls off a magic backhand down the line. Serena applauds. We’re all square.


Jack Rathborn28 June 2022 20:01


Serena Williams * 4-3 Harmony Tan

Another epic game, as we hit 40 minutes.

Serena with a fine backhand volley, the spin almost takes it back into the net. Deuce again.

Fourth time is the charm, Tan breaks back, the lead down to 4-3, with the French player serving next.

Serena Williams of the US returns to France’s Harmony Tan

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Serena Williams of the US returns to France’s Harmony Tan


Jack Rathborn28 June 2022 19:57


Serena Williams * 4-2 Harmony Tan

That is some serve, flat and down the line at 115mph. Ace.

Serena in her element on Center Court and racing towards the first set.

Tan forced into an audacious backhand pass, but it’s wide. Two game points to move to within a game of the first set.

Now at deuce, Tan is fighting hard here. She picks up Serena’s second serve and moves well, getting everything back and forcing Serena to go wide. Break point all of a sudden.

An unreturned serve, at 103mph, puts that one away. But she’ll face another real soon, Tan with the most exquisite of lobs that lands on the baseline. Sliced ​​backhand return, but Serena comes to the net, a tidy volley and Tan can’t quite get there in time. Deuce again.

Tan really playing nicely now, this time a backhand lob, Serena facing a third break point.

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Jack Rathborn28 June 2022 19:52


Serena Williams 3-2 * Harmony Tan

What a pose from Serena from the last game.

Tan looking confident on serve again, 30-0 and just what she needed after that mini run from Serena.

A cross-court forehand almost dies just inside the line, but Tan moves to game point.

An epic backhand cross court, Tan has no chance, deuce.

A smash from Serena and she has break point again, a big moment coming up.

Taken! The forehand doing the damage now, and Tan unable to get enough back on that one. Serena leads 4-2.

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Jack Rathborn28 June 2022 19:45


Serena Williams * 3-2 Harmony Tan

A booming serve from Serena brings up 40-0.

This is a straight-forward looking game, cheap points, much-needed.

Excellent hold from Serena, she’s much more at ease.

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Jack Rathborn28 June 2022 19:42

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