Fiona washes houses away, knocks out power in Canada

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) — Houses have been washed into the sea, roofs have been torn off and Fiona knocked out power to almost all of one Atlantic Canadian province and 80 percent of another Saturday, as it made landfall as a big, powerful post-tropical cyclone. Fiona transformed from a hurricane into a post-tropical storm … Read more

Fiona knocks out power with strong winds in Atlantic Canada

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) — Fiona knocked out power to more than 500,000 customers in Atlantic Canada Saturday, damaging homes with strong winds and rain as it made landfall as a big, powerful post-tropical cyclone. Fiona transformed from a hurricane into a post-tropical storm late Friday, but meteorologists cautioned that it could still have hurricane-strength … Read more

Constitution stops Charles becoming Britain’s ‘green’ king

LONDON (AP) — On a blustery November day last year Britain’s future king stood before world leaders to deliver a rallying cry that they should “act with all despatch, and decisively” to confront a common enemy. The clarion call — in the vast, windowless hall of a Glasgow convention center at the opening of the … Read more

Puerto Ricans desperate for water after Fiona’s rampage

CAGUAS, Puerto Rico (AP) — More than half a million people in Puerto Rico remained without water service three days after Hurricane Fiona slammed into the US territory, and many spent hours in lines Wednesday to fill jugs from water trucks while others scooped water from mountain runoff. Sweat rolled down the faces of people … Read more

Floods strike new blow in place that has known hardship

JACKSON, Ky. (AP) — Evelyn Smith lost everything in the deadly floods that devastated eastern Kentucky, saving only her grandson’s muddy tricycle. But she’s not planning to leave the mountains that have been her home for 50 years. Like many families in this dense, forested region of hills, deep valleys and meandering streams, Smith’s roots … Read more

Why Louvre’s Mona Lisa keeps a smile: Paris’ cooling system

PARIS (AP) — The Mona Lisa may maintain her famously enigmatic smile because she benefits from one of Paris’ best-kept secrets: An underground cooling system that’s helped the Louvre cope with the sweltering heat that has broken temperature records across Europe. The little-known “urban cold” network snakes unsuspecting beneath Parisians’ feet at a depth of … Read more

US to fill border wall gaps at open area near Yuma, Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) — The Biden administration on Thursday authorized completion of the Trump-funded US-Mexico border wall in an open area of ​​southern Arizona near Yuma that has become one of the busiest corridors for illegal crossings. Biden had pledged during his campaign to cease all future wall construction, but the administration later agreed to some … Read more

Pope ends Canadian visit with stop in small, far-north city

In his extensive papal travels, Pope Francis has never traveled further north than Iqaluit, capital city of the Inuit-governed territory of Nunavut. On Friday, it will be the final stop of his somber six-day visit to Canada. It is a distinctive destination – home to about 7,500 people but not a single traffic light, with … Read more

Mideast nations wake up to damage from climate change

CAIRO (AP) — Temperatures in the Middle East have risen far faster than the world’s average in the past three decades. Precipitation has been decreasing, and experts predict droughts will come with greater frequency and severity. The Middle East is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to the impact of climate change … Read more

UK weather turmoil spurs calls to adapt to climate change

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s record-breaking heatwave has spurred calls for the government to speed up efforts to adapt to a changing climate, especially after wildfires created the busiest day for London firefighters since bombs rained down on the city during World War II. The country got a break Wednesday from the dry, hot weather that … Read more