The UK is starting to get real about Europe – POLITICO

Paul Taylor is a contributing editor at POLITICO. After six years of chaos and recrimination since Britons voted to leave the European Union, there are signs the country is showing an unexpected outbreak of common sense in its approach to the bloc. In his first weeks in office, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak — a Brexiteer … Read more

Germany and France join forces against Biden in subsidy battle – POLITICO

BERLIN/PARIS — Germany and France pushed Tuesday for tougher industrial policies such as more state subsidies for European businesses to counter the threat from US reforms that risk triggering a transatlantic trade war. The EU’s two leading economies put aside their bad blood of the past weeks to issue a joint statement vowing to “explore … Read more

France: Bardella replaces Le Pen as far-right National Rally president

Jordan Bardella succeeded his mentor Marine Le Pen on Saturday at the helm of France’s most popular far-right party, National Rally. Bardella, 27, won an internal party vote with 85% support, marking a symbolic change of guard at the resurgent anti-immigration party. He is the first person to lead the party who does not come … Read more

Macron prepares to snub Scholz in Paris – POLITICO

BERLIN/PARIS — Relations are now so icy between Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz, the leaders of the EU’s two economic powerhouses, that they are even struggling to agree on whether to be seen together in front of the press. As the French president and German chancellor prepared for a tête-à-tête in Paris on Wednesday, Berlin … Read more

Franco-German tiff threatens to knock EU off balance – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article When France and Germany can’t get along, the entire EU has a problem. That’s what’s happening now, as Berlin and Paris had to delay a long-anticipated bilateral summit amid an embarrassing falling-out over key policy areas such as defense and energy. With war raging in Ukraine, the timing … Read more