Kherson: Russians shell Ukraine city just two weeks after pulling out

Kherson, Ukraine CNN — A pool of blood-stained water and the charred wreckage of a car mark the spot in Kherson where Russian shells tore into this city Thursday, killing four, according to local officials, and shattering any sense of calm. Russian President Vladimir Putin claims he’s annexed this region, and that the people here … Read more

Ukraine war: Snowy Kyiv battles power cuts, Russia ‘may leave’ Zaporizhzhia, Kherson exodus

1. Half of Ukraine’s regions grapple with power blackouts as snow blankets Kyiv Snow fell in Kyiv and temperatures hovered around freezing on Sunday as millions in and around the Ukrainian capital struggled with disruptions to electricity supply and central heating caused by waves of Russian air strikes. Repair crews across the country have been … Read more

Stories of Ukrainian resistance revealed after Kherson pullout

Near Kherson city, Ukraine CNN — Two Russian soldiers walked down a street in Kherson on a spring evening in early March, just days after Moscow captured the city. The temperature that night was still below freezing and the power was out, leaving the city in complete darkness as the soldiers made their way back … Read more

Ukrainian Commandos Have Made an Amphibious Landing On The Kinburn Spit

A damaged Russian position, reportedly on the Kinburn Peninsula. Via social media It’s official: Ukrainian commandos riding in small boats have infiltrated the Kinburn Spit, a three-mile finger of sand and scrub curling across the mouth of the Dnipro River west of Kherson, the southern port city that Ukrainian forces liberated from its Russian occupiers … Read more

Ukraine war: ‘Torture’ sites discovered in Kherson, nuclear plant faces ‘close call’

1. Four Russian ‘torture’ sites discovered in Kherson, says Ukraine Ukrainian prosecutors say they have discovered four Russian “torture sites” in the southern city of Kherson. The “temporary detention centers” were discovered in four buildings that the Russian forces had allegedly used during its occupation of the city. “During the capture of the city, the … Read more

Ukraine Kherson: Inside the battle

Near Kherson city, Ukraine CNN — Mangled metal, charred debris and shattered glass cover the floor as a Ukrainian reconnaissance unit storms a Russian command center on the outskirts of the recently liberated city of Kherson. “Come on over here,” one of the Ukrainian troops suddenly shouts. “Get the stretcher and first aid kit over … Read more

Opinion: Vladimir Putin isn’t just losing in Ukraine — he’s set Russia’s economy back 40 years

To win a war you need will and means. I am cautiously optimistic that Ukraine has both in its fight against Russia. Ukrainian will increase with every mass grave of murdered civilians uncovered and with every liberated Ukrainian village. For Ukrainians this war is no longer about territory but about survival as a nation — … Read more

US intelligence suggests Russia put off announcing Kherson retreat until after midterm elections

CNN — The US has intelligence that Russia may have delayed announcing its withdrawal from the Ukrainian city of Kherson in part to avoid giving the Biden administration a political win ahead of the midterm elections, according to four people familiar with the intelligence. Senior Russian officials discussed the US midterms as a factor during … Read more

Ukraine war: Russian ‘hunger games’, Kherson liberation, Turkey peace talks, Banksy

1. Ukraine reestablishes itself in Kherson Ukrainian police officers returned to Kherson on Saturday, along with TV and radio services, after Kyiv recaptured the city on Friday. It is part of a fast, but cautious, effort by Ukraine to reclaim the southern port city, following a withdrawal of Russian forces who had occupied Kherson since … Read more

Ukraine war: 100,000 Russian troops ‘killed or injured’; Kherson pullout; and Putin’s G20 snub

1. US says 100,000 Russian troops killed or injured in Ukraine The highest-rank US military officer has suggested that “well over” 100,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded in the war in Ukraine. Army Gen. Mark Milley — chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — said the same losses were “probably” equal on … Read more