EXPLAINER: Can Ukraine pay for war without wrecking the economy?

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Even as Ukraine celebrates recent battlefield victoriesits government faces a looming challenge on the financial front: how to pay the enormous cost of the war effort without triggering out-of-control price spikes for ordinary people or piling up debt that could hamper postwar reconstruction. The struggle is finding loans or donations to … Read more

Booby-Traps and Destruction in Kherson, Ukraine After Russian Army’s

KHERSON REGION, Ukraine—The sight of fresh planks of wood on the roof of a destroyed house was like a small ray of sunshine sticking out among the wreckage of the village of Myrne. “At the very beginning of the war, one [Ukrainian] soldier made a stupid TikTok video on the streets outside our house,” Tatiana, … Read more

Russia rejects pullout from Ukraine as a condition for talks

KYIV, Ukraine — Russia said Friday that Western demands it should pull out completely from Ukraine as part of any future talks to end the war effectively rule out any such negotiations, as Russian strikes continued and a Ukrainian official set his country’s battle losses at up to 13,000 troops. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated … Read more

Wagner Group Accused of Recruiting Prisoners From the Central African Republic for Russia’s War in Ukraine

ABUJA, Nigeria—Russia’s infamous Wagner Group is freeing hardened rebels held in jail cells in the Central African Republic and deploying them overseas, including in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, two senior military officers in CAR told The Daily Beast. According to the sources in CAR, where armed rebels have controlled large parts of the country for … Read more

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace Urges Military Push in Ukraine as Russian Forces Hit Rock Bottom

SOUTHERN ENGLAND—After a string of Russian defeats in the war, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is urging Ukraine to “keep up the pressure, keep up the momentum” and continue their rapid-fire attacks on Vladimir Putin’s forces through the winter months. “Given the advantage the Ukrainians have in equipment training and quality of their personnel against … Read more

Stories of Ukrainian resistance revealed after Kherson pullout

Near Kherson city, Ukraine CNN — Two Russian soldiers walked down a street in Kherson on a spring evening in early March, just days after Moscow captured the city. The temperature that night was still below freezing and the power was out, leaving the city in complete darkness as the soldiers made their way back … Read more

Fear of Crimea Blitz in Ukraine Sends Russian Officials Scrambling

After a series of crushing defeats for Russia’s military in Ukraine from the northeast to the south over the last several weeks, Russian authorities in Moscow appear to be increasingly concerned that Ukraine has set its sights on seizing back Crimea next. Russian MP Andrei Gurulyov on Sunday urged Moscow to determine the risk of … Read more

Russian University Accused of Pressuring African Students to Fight Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine

ABUJA, Nigeria—Russian officials at the Southern Federal University (SFedU) in the city of Rostov-on-Don, near the border with Ukraine, have been pressuring African students at the institution to join Vladimir Putin’s forces in fighting in Ukraine’s Donbas region, three students at SFedU told The Daily Beast. In the last three months, according to the students, … Read more

Ukraine says it will look into alleged prisoner shooting video

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine says it will investigate video footage circulated on Russian social media which Moscow alleged shows that Ukrainian forces killed Russian troops who may have been trying to surrender, after one of the men seemingly refused to lay down his weapon and opened fire. “Of course Ukrainian authorities will investigate this … Read more

‘We survived’: Kherson comes alive after Russian withdrawal

KHERSON, Ukraine (AP) — A week since the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson was liberatedresidents can’t escape reminders of the terrifying eight months they spent under Russian occupation. People are missing. There are mines everywhere, closed shops and restaurants, a scarcity of electricity and water, and explosions day and night as Russian and Ukrainian forces … Read more