Denounced By Her Classmates, Anti-War Russian Teen Faces A Long Prison Term

The Russian government did not wait for the trial of Olesya Krivtsova, a 19-year-old student in the northern city of Arkhangelsk, to even begin before adding her to its list of “terrorists and extremists.”. The designation on January 10 came as Krivtsova spends her second month under house arrest, facing the possibility of more than … Read more

Far from Bakhmut, an intense fight in trenches and minefields

Krasnohorivka, Ukraine CNN — In the town of Krasnohorivka, grim Soviet-era apartment buildings stand nearly but not quite empty, with only a few residents remaining. Blocks on the southern edges of town are burned shells, windows shattered and awnings dangling in the winter breeze. Houses are largely shuttered; their tenants long gone. The central square … Read more

Why the West is making Ukraine wait for fighter planes – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. The West isn’t really saying “never” on fighter jets for Ukraine — it just wants to focus first on getting Kyiv weapons for a looming offensive. That’s the sentiment emerging in the wake of US President Joe Biden’s blunt “no” — echoed to various … Read more

Ukraine to get cold shoulder on rapid EU entry – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. Top EU leaders are traveling to Ukraine this week, but they won’t be bringing promises that the war-torn country can join the bloc anytime soon. Brussels is expected to pour cold water on Ukraine’s hopes that it could swiftly join the EU during a … Read more

Fighting Wagner is like a ‘zombie movie’ says Ukrainian soldier

Near Bakhmut, Ukraine CNN — Southwest of the city of Bakhmut, Ukrainian soldiers Andriy and Borisych live in a candle-lit bunker cut into the frozen earth. For several weeks they have been confronting hundreds of fighters belonging to the Russian private military contractor Wagner throwing themselves against Ukrainian defenses. Disguised in a balaclava, Andriy recounts … Read more

As China and Russia get “closer” and Beijing invests in nuclear weapons, NATO focuses on new “friends”

Tokyo — China’s growing assertiveness and collaboration with Russia poses a threat not only to Asia but also to Europe, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday as he sought stronger cooperation and more “friends” for NATO in the Indo-Pacific region. Stoltenberg said China is increasingly investing in nuclear weapons and long-range missiles without providing transparency … Read more

Orbán is telling Ukraine to quit – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. BUDAPEST — Viktor Orbán wants Ukraine to give up. As Ukrainian flags fly across European capitals and Western tanks come to Ukraine’s rescue, Hungary’s prime minister is openly questioning Ukraine’s viability as a sovereign state. In Budapest, his government has lined the streets with … Read more

Vladimir Putin is not mad, just ‘radically rational,’ says former French president – ​​POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. PARIS — Vladimir Putin is a “radically rational” leader who is betting that Western countries will grow tired of backing Ukraine and agree to a negotiated end to the conflict that will be favorable to Russia, former French President François Hollande told POLITICO. Hollande, … Read more

On Ukraine war’s front lines, troops say Russia is treating men like meat in the battle for Bakhmut

Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine — The city of Bakhmut was home to around 70,000 people before it found itself on the front line of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war to seize Ukrainian territory. Almost 12 months of war have left Bakhmut barely recognizable. Once renowned for sparkling wine, the small city has been reduced to … Read more

Number Theory: State of the economy, in five charts | Latest News India

The government will present the Economic Survey on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday. Tabled a day before the presentation of the Union Budget, the Economic Survey is the finance ministry’s annual compendium of stylized facts on the state of the economy as well as ideas which the Chief Economic Adviser’s (CEA) office wants to … Read more