Wagner Group Recruits from the Central African Republic Allegedly Abandoned in Ukraine

ABUJA, Nigeria—Russia’s infamous Wagner Group has abandoned dozens of former Central African Republic (CAR) rebels in Ukraine’s Donbas region after recruiting them to fight Vladimir Putin’s war, two former CAR fighters told The Daily Beast. The CAR sources, who were recruited by Wagner after quitting the Union for Peace (UPC) rebel group last December, said … Read more

‘No greater threat’ than Russia

Lithuania commemorated its entry into NATO this last week and its long-standing partnership with the US as leaders look ahead to the increasingly complex security landscape developing around the world. President George W. Bush visited the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius 20 years ago to welcome the country into the still-growing NATO alliance, applauding the character … Read more

As Russia attacks, Ukrainians offer tips on survival, optimism Russia-Ukraine war News

Kyiv, Ukraine – If you have no electricity, but don’t want your frozen foods to melt, Anastasiya Zasyadko has a useful life hack for you. “Put a bottle of water in the freezer when the electricity is on,” the 79-year-old retiree told Al Jazeera. The ice will take many hours to melt – and keep … Read more

More shelling in Kherson as Ukraine gradually restores power Russia-Ukraine war News

The Ukrainian city of Kherson has faced multiple attacks for the second day in an escalation of shelling since Russia withdrew from the city two weeks ago following an eight-month occupation. Ukrainian officials said Russia continued to bombard Kherson on Friday and that at least 10 people were killed in the previous day’s attacks. Yaroslav … Read more

Bombed, not beaten: Ukraine’s capital flips to survival mode | Russia-Ukraine war News

Residents of Ukraine’s bombed capital clutched empty bottles in search of water and crowded into cafes for power and warmth, switching defiantly into survival mode after new Russian missile strikes on Wednesday plunged the city and much of the country into the dark. In the city of three million, some residents resorted to collecting rainwater … Read more

Europe accuses US of profiting from war – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. Nine months after invading Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is beginning to fracture the West. Top European officials are furious with Joe Biden’s administration and now accuse the Americans of making a fortune from the war, while EU countries suffer. “The fact is, if you look … Read more

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy urges European unity; Russian reservists suffer heavy losses

‘We share your pain’: Putin meets with mothers of Russian soldiers President Vladimir Putin met on Friday with the mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, telling them that he and his country shared their pain. Sitting with the group of women around a table with tea and cake, Putin said he understood that nothing … Read more

Europe has labeled Russia a state sponsor of terror. What next? | Russia-Ukraine war News

Brussels, Belgium – The European Parliament has declared Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, saying Russian atrocities against Ukrainians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure violate international and humanitarian laws. The Parliament’s move on Wednesday was welcomed by Ukrainian officials, who have been pushing the European Union and NATO countries to label Russia a … Read more

Ukraine battles to restore power as millions face blackouts | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine has been struggling to reconnect water and electricity services to millions of people after a barrage of Russian missiles and drones hit energy infrastructure on Wednesday, leaving nearly 80 percent of the country in the dark. By Thursday evening, more than 24 hours after the Russian strikes smashed areas of Kyiv, the city’s Mayor … Read more

Ukraine battles to restore power after Russian strikes leave ‘vast majority’ of people without electricity

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN — Ukraine raced to restore power across the country on Thursday, a day after Russia sent a new barrage of missiles to target critical infrastructure, resulting in the temporary shutdown of most of its power plants and leaving the “vast majority” of people without electricity. The national energy company Ukrenergo said work … Read more