The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Monthly Horoscopes In December 2022

Let’s face it, December always brings a mixed bag of emotions. Many of us spend an ample amount of time during this month filled with memories of people who are no longer with us, as well as time spent going over both failures and successes.

This year was very hard for many people, and as it winds down, there’s something in us that joins in on the downward winding. We feel less energetic and more reflective; and for some signs, December is simply depressing.

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What’s good is that the depression that is often associated with December and the end of the year is temporary, and nothing gets rid of it faster than the beginning of the new year; while we may enter 2023 with our heads spinning around on our shoulders, we know innately that everything is going to work itself out.

We’re still in Sagittarius Sun, and that is our saving grace at this point; this monthly transit, which will end in Capricorn Sun on the 22 of December, is what lets us know that no matter what we feel right now, there are better days ahead. Sagittarius’ optimism saves the day, every day.

We will be seeing Venus in Capricorn, which is definitely going to put our love lives into perspective, and a Quarter Moon in Gemini, which will absolutely help us decide whether we want to stay involved or free ourselves from the people we are involved with.

Mercury sextile Neptune occurs on Christmas Eve and in a way, the magic that we want Christmas to be will indeed be just that: magical.


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